Mohsen Keiany

Dr. Mohsen Keiany (Iranian/British) is an internationally known artist born in Shiraz (Iran) in 1970. He is also a highly experienced researcher and an art lecturer. His art promotes a commonality between art and tradition: ‘historical sense, placelessness and timelessness’, as the source of his creativity.

Mohsen is an award-winning artist whose work has been showcased at more than 70 national and international venues including Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Wednesbury Museum, Huddersfield Museum, Coventry Museum, Tehran contemporary Museum of art, Isfahan Museum of Modern Art and many other private art galleries around the world.

He completed a PhD at the prestigious Birmingham Institute of Arts and Design, Birmingham City University, which explored the symbolism of mosques in Baluchistan and a book based on his findings (Baluchistan; architecture, crafts and religious symbolism was published by Oxford University Press in 2015. He is very interested in exploring multi-cultural influences and traditions in art and architecture.